Obligation to use protective masks in the AGH UST maintained

On October 19, 2021, the Regulation of the Prime Minister of October 15, 2021, lifting the obligation related to wearing masks within university premises “unless the rector decides otherwise” took effect.

The AGH UST Rector, Professor Jerzy Lis, decided to use this privilege and maintained the obligation to wear protective masks in all AGH UST buildings, except for situations listed in Regulation No. 56/2021.

Everyone must always cover their nose and mouth in all AGH UST buildings. Apart from the exceptions mentioned in Regulation No. 56/2021 (§ 5 sec. 2-3):

2. During classes or meetings and gatherings of statutory assemblies, as well as professional meetings of staff, there is a possibility of modifying the rules governing the application of protective masks:

  • Teachers and speakers are exempted from wearing face masks
  • Other people are advised to wear a face mask, especially if it is impossible to maintain social distance (1.5 m).

The scope of exemption from wearing face masks remains at the discretion of the teacher or meeting leader.


3. Other exemptions from the use of protective masks are the following:

  • Persons who work individually in an office
  • In offices where all employees are vaccinated
  • On the premises of the AGH UST, except for buildings, if social distance is maintained (1.5 m).