Med-tech company MedApp and AGH UST have signed cooperation agreement

photo by Stanisław Malik

MedApp SA – Polish med-tech company specialising in mixed reality, artificial intelligence and big data collection and analysis has established cooperation with AGH UST. Under the agreement signed on 28 September 2020 MedApp and AGH UST will undertake research and development activity and educate students in medical applications of new technologies.

This cooperation will enable MedApp to make use of AGH UST’s research potential for provision of top-class medical solutions, while the University will gain access to technological infrastructure to be used for teaching courses related to the applications of modern technologies in medicine.

The agreement provides for cooperation on development and application of augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) technologies, including student education and training. By signing the agreement, the parties also commit to jointly seek funds for research and development of technologies for medicine and to undertake joint research activity. Both organisations have high hopes of real benefits of the mutual cooperation.

Krzysztof Mędrala, the company’s CEO, said: We are very glad to have signed the agreement. We are convinced that cooperation with a prestigious and innovative Kraków-based university will substantially benefit both parties. We believe that by combining MedApp’s technological know-how with AGH UST’s intellectual potential,  especially in the area of biomedical engineering, we will be able to make a real impact on the development of medicine. CarnaLife Holo and SurgeonEye, our innovative systems for holographic visualisations of 3D medical imaging data collected from computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance (MRI) tests will certainly introduce AGH UST’s academic staff and students to a new level of technological applications in medicine. MedApp, in turn, will gain a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of skills, knowledge and experience of AGH UST’s research personnel.

MedApp and AGH UST intend to implement joint R&D projects and to start an internship programme for our students, with the most promising among them being offered an opportunity to serve internships in a technological company taking part, alongside the Company’s team of professionals, in the development of modern technologies for medicine. Both organisations will also offer research internships.

AGH UST is one of research institutions which will be able to use MedApp solutions for research and teaching purposes. Since last year, a 3D imaging solution called CarnaLife Holo has been available for universities and research institutes in the United States, where it is used in scientific research.