Lecture by PhD Maciej Krzystyniak from ISIS Neutron and Muon Source in Great Britain

Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology invites for a seminary that will be held on 4th January, 2018, at 14.00 (2.00 pm).

A lecture titled “Electron-volt Neutron Spectroscopy: One Atom at a Time” will be given by PhD Maciej Krzystyniak from ISIS Neutron and Muon Source in Great Britain.

Venue: Kawiory 30 Street, building D-16, auditorium room 1.02A

An abstract of the lecture

Mass-resolved Neutron Spectroscopy (MANSE), using electron-volt incident neutrons, can only be done at present in one unique place in the world, VESUVIO beamline at ISIS neutron and muon spallation source. In my talk, I will explain how, using MANSE, we seek to obtain a direct and model-independent measure of mean-square atomic displacements and associated effective temperatures as well as nuclear quantum effects in condensed matter systems and molecules. I will show examples how this task can be achieved either via the use neutron Compton scattering (hydrogen, carbon, fluorine, oxygen and nitrogen), or nuclear resonances (metals ). I will show how the obtained information is unique to MANSE and how it can be complemented with neutron-diffraction data, given the ability of VESUVIO to perform simultaneous diffraction and spectroscopic measurements. Finally, I will explain how, in combination with first-principles calculations, the MANSE data can provide us with a stringent test of structural models at low and ambient temperatures, as well as extend these to the higher-temperature phases where dynamical disorder is a key property, yet its very presence imposes severe limitations on the information content accessible via conventional spectroscopic techniques.