INNOAGH will support Polish innovators

The Innowatorzy 2021 Consortium, with AGH UST’s SPV called the Krakow Centre of Innovative Technologies INNOAGH has just received funding from the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology under the pilot project called “Strefa Pomysłodawcy – wsparcie 4.0” (The Creative Originator Zone – support 4.0). The amount of funding is PLN 5m, of which PLN 800k has been allocated to actions delivered by INNOAGH. The other consortium members are: Puławski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Sp. z o.o. (Puławy Science and Technology Park) as the project leader and Poznań University of Life Sciences – project partner.  

Thanks to the  “Creative Originator Zone” Project, Polish innovators will receive support when implementing their innovative solutions or original concepts. They will also be able to carry out experiments and tests, expand their knowledge base and verify the technological and business potential of their ideas.

The winning consortium will popularise innovative ideas and cooperation between science and business. The INNOAGH Team, like other consortium members, will act as a reviewer, adviser and supervisor of selected ideas and creative solutions authored by innovators, inventors or visionaries – students, PhD candidates, researchers as well as other enthusiasts of technological progress. Puławy Science and Technology Park with its infrastructure will be predominantly involved in organisation of a space where all interested parties, including young persons, science and new technology lovers will be able to experiment, participate in interesting sessions, seminars and meetings.

A total of 1000 proposals in five incubation rounds (200 proposals in each round) have been qualified to receive support under the “Creative Originator Zone Project” run by the Consortium. The projects will be processed in line with the innovation funnel concept, in which only the best ideas make it to the next stage. Their authors will receive financial support for developing their concepts together with an opportunity to introduce themselves to the investors in order to obtain funds for starting up their own businesses. Each of the five incubation rounds will conclude with a DemoDay event as the culmination of the whole process of providing supporting for the contributors of ideas. The authors of the best proposals will make themselves known to representatives of seed and venture capital investors as well as the audience, who will pick the best of all ideas to receive financial awards.

The competition announced by the Ministry attracted 12 applications submitted by universities, foundations, technology parks, development agencies (acting individually as well as through consortia).

The pilot implementation of the ”Creative Originator Zone”  programme will be delivered  under POIR 2014 – 2020 Priority 2: Supporting business environment and its potential for Research, Development and Innovation activity, Measure 2.4: “Cooperation within the national innovation system” PO IR, Submeasure 2.4.1: inno_LAB – Centre for analysis and pilot implementation of new instruments. The project will be completed by 30 June 2023.

The Krakow Centre of Innovative Technologies INNOAGH is a limited liability company established in 2010, with 100% share capital owned by AGH UST. INNOAGH is a specialpurpose entity whose objective is the commercialisation of the results of scientific research and development work carried out at the university. Its operations are based on intellectual, inventive, and technological potential of AGH UST scientific research staff, and the university’s infrastructure.