IERU at the AGH UST: Conference on topics, research results, and progress in the implementation of university grants in PRAs

On December 2, 9, and 16, 2021, sessions of a research and scientific conference will take place online. The objective of the conference is to present topics, research results, and progress in the implementation of first-edition university grants in Priority Research Areas.

The AGH UST Vice-Rector for Science, Professor Marek Gorgoń, head of the project Initiative for Excellence – Research University invites you to participate in the conference.

‘University grants are one of the activities our university carries out within the framework of the Initiative for Excellence – Research University project. All teams carrying out various research, provided that there is at least one doctoral student in the group, can apply for a grant. During the 1st edition of the competition, numerous highly innovative projects have received funding; projects that subscribe into our Priority Research Areas. Now, we have the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with their curious issues and first research results. They will be briefly presented during a conference which will be divided into five sessions devoted to particular Priority Research Areas within the framework of which all those ambitious projects have been carried out.

I encourage all of you to actively participate in this event. After every presentation, there will be time to have a discussion; then, every conference participant can ask questions and receive an answer. It will be an excellent opportunity to discover scientific inspirations and to get acquainted with the work of our colleagues. A joint conference is also a perfect moment to send a message to our scientific community about the direction in which the AGH UST follows – the innovative university of the future, fulfilling its social mission.’


2 December / link for participants

Session I, Moderator: Professor Katarzyna Styszko

  • Materials, technologies, and processes inspired by nature (PRA-5)
  • COVID-19

Session II, Moderator: Professor Tomasz Szumlak

  • Technical solutions: from fundamental research, through modelling and design, to prototypes (PRA-4)
  • Intelligent information, telecommunication, computer, and control and operation technologies (PRA-6)
  • Crossing boundaries: experimental high energy physics, extreme states of matter, transdisciplinary applications (PRA-8)

9 December / link for participants

Session III, Moderator: Professor Barbara Tomaszewska

  • Water-energy-climate: interdisciplinary approach to sustainable development (PRA-3)
  • New technologies for the circular economy (PRA-2)

Session IV, Moderator: Professor Anna Sowiżdżał

  • Sustainable energy technologies, renewable sources of energy, and energy storage (PRA-1)

16 December / link for participants

Session V, Moderator: Professor Marta Radecka

  • Design, production, and testing of modern materials and the technologies of the future (PRA-7)

Detailed conference schedule, 22.11.2021 version (PDF)