Hybrid solar energy converter won gold medal at Taipei invention show

photo from archive of DSc Konstanty Marszałek

Hybrid solar energy converter developed by prof. Krzysztof Wojciechowski of the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics and DSc Konstanty Marszałek of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications won gold medal at the International Invention Show & Technosmart (INST) held in Taiwan.

Hybrid solar energy converter is a device used to convert solar radiation into electrical energy. The device owes its innovative character to the use of both photovoltaic cells converting radiation up to approximately 1.1 microns in the case of silicon cells and thermoelectric elements converting infrared solar radiation, thus yielding higher electrical energy output.

The device has already been protected under patent law by Polish and European patent authorities. It also received gold medal awarded by National Research Council of Thailand.