Engineering constructions from the AGH UST with awards

Three out of six categories belonged to young engineers from our university who received first prizes in the Student Construction Competition 2022 (KoKoS 2022). The results were announced on June 5, 2022, during a ceremonial grand finale that took place at the AGH UST.

WINDY – the wind turbine

  • Creation of Eko-Energia Student Research Club
  • First prize in the Ecology category

The WINDY wind turbine with a variable-diameter diffuser is a project that challenges the problem of unfavourable wind conditions. Wind energy is commonly seen as an unstable source of power. Wind turbines can operate only under specific wind parameters. The project of a turbine with a variable-diameter diffuser aims to solve these difficulties. The device has the potential to be applied under conditions that are unfavourable to traditional wind turbines and can constitute their alternative. The solution will extend the possibilities of using turbines throughout the year in terms of time and weather conditions.

Kalman – autonomous planetary rover

  • Creation of AGH Space Systems
  • First prize in the Smart Robots category

Kalman is the second planetary rover built by AGH Space Systems. It is an upgraded version of Phobos (its predecessor) with improved structural solutions and completely new technologies. As a result, students constructed a nimble four-wheeled vehicle for research missions. The rover is equipped with visual systems that facilitate remote control and terrain documentation. Its manipulator allows it to carry objects, use the operator control panels, and perform other similar tasks. The platform is also capable of autonomous riding, a mode in which it drives itself to designated coordinates, without the need to identify the topography first.

During the final of the KoKoS competition, Kalman was taking part in the University Rover Challenge in the USA, which gave it the fourth place.

Mobile detector of ionising radiation

  • Creation of Dawid Pietruch, BEng
  • First prize in the Joker category

The ionising radiation is intangible and invisible to humans, which makes some people fear the unknown. The mobile detector was designed, built, and programmed to detect ionising radiation and perform precise measurements thereof. The device was based on the Geiger counter; moreover, applying the randomness of time between subsequent measurements, the creator implemented an algorithm to obtain statistically random numbers used in dice simulators, for example, as in D&D. The machine was constructed as part of an engineering thesis written under the supervision of Paweł Janowski, Dr Eng.

Winners in the remaining major categories:

  • Vehicle – R4 „Lynx” rocket (Wroclaw University of Technology)
  • Life upgrade – biomechanical prosthesis of the lower limb (West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin)
  • Railway – modern freighter car (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń)

This year, the KoKoS awards were presented in additional special categories:

  • Commercial hit – LEM SSV (Wroclaw University of Technology)
  • Master of innovation – a robot for eradicating Colorado potato beetles (Bialystok University of Technology)
  • Hero of construction – Krzysztof Lingo (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń)

The authors of the best creations in the major categories received cash prizes in the amount of PLN 4,000; and the winners of the special categories – PLN 2,000.