“Barbórka” – mining festivities of St Barbara’s Day

photos by P. Kaleta, KSAF AGH UST

The celebrations of mining festivities of “Barbórka”, deeply rooted in the AGH UST history, started on 4th December, 2017. However, the main events took place on 7th and 8th December.

Traditionally, on 4th December, a magnificent “Parade of Foxes” marched along the streets of Krakow – the rector, vice-rectors, and faculty deans were riding in hackney carriages, followed by a procession made of the representatives of industry, AGH UST employees and students, as well as the citizens of Krakow. The parade also featured the AGH UST Representative Orchestra, which added musical splendour to the event.

The main events at AGH UST have been scheduled to take place on 7th and 8th December. These days featured the 58th Conference of Student Special Interest Groups of the Mining Section and a special seminar.

On 8th December, the official celebrations were topped off with a ceremonial session of the AGH UST Senate and a traditional “jump over the leather apron” in the hall of the main AGH UST building, during which the mining community formally accepts the young entrants to the mining profession.

The celebrations of “Barbórka” were also accompanied by the 58th International Exhibition and Fair of Minerals, Fossils and Jewellery, which took place on 2-3 December, 2017.