AGH UST’s solar boat coming third at international race held in Monaco

photo by Paweł Szupiluk, KSAF AGH UST

photo by Paweł Szupiluk, KSAF AGH UST

photo by Paweł Szupiluk, KSAF AGH UST

photo by Maciek Bernaś, KSAF AGH UST

photo by Maciek Bernaś, KSAF AGH UST

After two hectic months of competing at Solar Sport One World Championship, the AGH Solar Boat team is coming back from Monaco with outstanding achievements. AGH UST students ended the excellent season, taking third place at YachtClub de Monaco.

The fantastic accomplishment at Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge came from the following achievements in particular competitions: 

  • 5th place in Fleet Race endurance event,
  • 4th place in Slalom Race,
  • 2nd place in One by One. 

The endurance event was of critical importance as apart from competing with other teams, the boat had to face the enormous challenge posed by high waves. The formidable task was completed by only a few boats (including Baśka) while others were forced to quit the race already after the initial rounds.

During the Monaco Championship, AGH Solar Boat Team proved that they had made  significant progress on their performance in speed events. Even though the poor sea conditions prevented the boat from reaching the top speeds from the Leeuwarden race (27 kph), in Monaco the AGH UST Solar Boat team came third in the Top Speed event.

During this exciting rivalry, the participating teams competed not only on water but also in workshops. In open sea events every single detail mattered a lot. Luckily, the perfect preparation of the team and efficient organisation of work enabled its members to sort out all unexpected technical problems that arose in the meantime.

Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge was the great finale of the Solar Sport One World Championship, which started on 11 May 2018 in the Dutch town of Akkrum. Then, for the three successive weekends, the team members were able to test Baśka’s performance on Dutch canals in Purmerend, Groningen and Leeuwarden. The crucial stage of that part were the demanding endurance competitions, which lasted up to a few hours and were held on distances of up to about 50 km.

The international solar boat competition – apart from its sports dimension –is an ideal opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience between teams from all over the world. The participants are happy to talk about solutions they have developed as well as any problems they are facing. The atmosphere of the event is conducive to sharing inspirations by the teams with a view to further improving the solar boat technology.

Baśka is a fully solar-powered electric boat. This interdisciplinary project has brought together AGH UST students coming from many faculties, specialising in a variety of research areas. The boat developed in carbon composite technology has been designed to withstand harsh marine conditions.

In 2017, Baśka completed her first Monaco event, coming fifth in A class. This year, after intensive work on the new electric power and steering systems, the AGH UST boat completed the championship claiming third place as the best student design in its class.

Film footage of the competition