AGH UST will receive PLN 5.7m in EU subsidies for building insulation

photos by Zbigniew Sulima

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW­) will award the total amount of almost PLN 5.7m under the Infrastructure and Environment Scheme to be spent on comprehensive thermal insulation of two AGH UST buildings (D-13 and D-11). In accordance with the two agreements signed at the AGH University of Science and Technology on 5 June 2019 the funding will improve energy efficiency in the university buildings.

On the part of AGH UST the agreements were signed by the University Chancellor – Mr Henryk Zioło. The National Fund was represented by its Deputy President – Mr Artur Michalski.

Under the agreement, both of the University buildings will receive new thermal insulation of external and ground-level walls, flat roofs as well as floors. The agreements also provide for the replacement of windows, radiators and thermostatic radiator valves. D-13 will be equipped with brand-new central heating and domestic hot water installations as well as a fully modernised district heating substation. D-11 will get new entrance doors with a glass vestibule. The scope of works includes also new hydraulic control panel for central heating installation to be fitted alongside new LED lighting. Additionally, the building will be protected against nesting birds.

Environmental outcomes to be achieved upon completion of the renovation works in both buildings include reduction in primary energy consumption. The reduction levels are expected to reach 519 670 kWh/year and 542 560 kWh/year at D-13 and D-11 respectively. In addition, thermal insulation at D-13 will generate heat energy savings of 2 414.00 GJ per year while the insulated D-11 will yield 91.14 MWh of saved energy.

What is more, the successful implementation of both actions at AGH UST will result in a significant drop in greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that improved energy efficiency will yield a reduction of 160.61 and 167.74 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum at D-13 and  D-11 respectively. Thermal insulation works will continue until December 2022 at D-13 and September 2021 at D-11.

The grants awarded for the purpose of thermal insulation work at both AGH UST buildings were possible under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme Priority Axis 1: Measure 1.3 Support for energy efficiency in public buildings, implemented by NFOŚiGW in co-operation with the Ministry of Energy.