AGH UST – the only Polish university within the European Nuclear Education Network

AGH University of Science and Technology is the only Polish university to have joined ENEN – the European Nuclear Education Network. AGH UST was accepted by the General Assembly during a gala which was held on 2 March 2018 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the network’s launch.

The ENEN Network aims to promote and develop education in the scope of nuclear power engineering and related sciences. The initiative was launched in 2003 and to this day has attracted over 70 members, including many leading research institutions, such as Imperial College London or Uppsala University. For many years ENEN has been a major beneficiary of European projects within the framework of EURATOM Programme, which is coordinated by the European Commission. Additionally, it runs a European certification scheme EMSNE (European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering) addressed to graduates in nuclear science and related domains.

AGH UST’s Membership in the Network will enable the University to develop international co-operation as well as greatly enhance its competencies required for providing education in the scope of nuclear research. DSc. Mikołaj Oettingen from the Department of Nuclear Energy at the Faculty of Energy and Fuels has been appointed an official AGH UST’s representative for ENEN.

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