AGH UST Campus miniature made of LEGO blocks

photo: Maciej Kocot; source: www.zbudujmy.to

Maciej Kocot, our student from the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications has built a 1:1250 LEGO model of the AGH UST Campus

The greatest challenge coming with such microscale was to render the characteristic details of the buildings and maintain the right proportions. It was truly a matter of milimetres. Some buildings in the model are only one or two blocks wide so any room for manoeuvre is quite limited and it is all about milimetres. In order to carefully represent the layout of the campus, some parts have been built from blocks placed on their sides (LEGO enthusiasts will know it as SNOT – Studs Not On Top).  

Maciej Kocot assembled the model by himself. He put a great deal of time and effort into the work, which lasted from April to December (inclusive of a three-month summer holiday break). He began with the most recognizable structure – the University’s main building (A-0) and the building where he spent the most time –the address of the Department of Computer Science (D-17). Next came the Energetics Centre. These three buildings defined the scale Maciej decided to pursue throughout the entire process of developing the model, which turned out to be a serious challenge. The author measured the individual buildings located on the Campus and converted their dimensions into blocks, meticulously laid out all the segments, made necessary modifications so that the effect would be even more accurate and stable. The spaces between buildings and roads were supplemented with greenery, any pieces Maciej found not good enough would be further improved until the desired effect was achieved. The final structure consisting of several thousands of pieces has been placed on a 27 x 81 cm board. The author is now considering expanding the model to include the buildings located at the Students’ Campus.

Mr Kocot’s fascination with construction dates back to his childhood. During the high school years he resumed his passion and got involved in AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) communities. While already studying at AGH UST, he considered building a model of the University Campus to be an interesting experience and an exciting challenge. His future plans include the development of (at least partial) model of Kraków’s Old Town.