59th Student Research Clubs Metallurgy Conference

On May 12, 2022, the AGH UST will host the 59th Student Research Clubs Metallurgy Conference as part of the university celebrations of the Metallurgist’s Day.

Students will present their academic achievement during numerous sessions of more than a dozen thematic sections/

I. Aeronautics and Space Systems
II. Acoustics, Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Ergonomics
III. Automatics and Robotics
IV. Electrical Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics, and Electrothermics
V. Energy and Heat Engineering and E-mobility
VI. Physics
VII. Humanities
VIII. Computer Science
IX. Materials Engineering
X. Metals Engineering
XI. Welding Engineering
XII. Machines and Technological Equipment
XIII. Physical Metallurgy and Surface Engineering
XIV. Metallurgy, Casting, and Recycling
XV. Metal Forming
XVI. Fuel Technology, Chemistry, and Environmental Protection
XVII. Telecommunication and Information Technology

Authors of presentations that will receive distinctions in respective sections will have the opportunity to write about their achievements in a special research bulletin containing reviewed scientific publications.

Event schedule

  • 8:30–9:30 – ceremonial opening of the conference (AGH UST, A-0 building, Assembly Hall)
  • 10:00–15:00 – discussions in thematic sections
  • 15:00 – ceremonial closing of the conference in respective sections

Detailed information (in Polish)