Pandemic in Stan Eales’ drawings. The exhibition extended

The exhibition titled ‘The Pandemic in Stan Eales’ drawings’, which has been on display at the AGH UST Main Library since October 2021 (1st floor hall), has been extended until the end of January 2022.

The exhibition features 35 drawings by Stan Eales. In a brief biographical note, opening the exposition, we read that ‘Stan Eales is an artist and cartoonist, was born in New Zealand, and currently lives in London and Krakow. He published five books with his cartoons, two of which are dedicated to ecology. His works have made it to the pages of popular magazines such as Punch, Private Eye, The Spectator, or Playboy USA. He was commissioned by Paul McCartney to draw pro-ecological cartoons...’.

The cartoons were created in part during the rush of the global COVID-19 pandemic, when Stan Eales was visiting the locked-down Krakow, and in part during the wearying period of prolonged sense of threat and a heated debate over vaccines. These drawings are his personal take on the world, mirroring both his own experience and point of view on the world balancing on the verge of madness and calamity. Eales’ cartoons are full of passion, compassion, and irony. The exhibition not only makes us smile, but is also an incentive to reflection. It contains some educational aspects as well. Firstly, it reminds viewers about the pandemic rules, by no means to be forgotten, and secondly, it warns them against reckless resignation from taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The exposition also features a number of interesting and awe-inspiring adaptations of well-known works. Which ones? Well, visit the exhibition and see for yourself!

More information on the author, accompanied by his other works, can be found at staneales.com.