Electrospun polymer fibers for tissue engineering and skin care applications – online seminar

The AGH UST Academic Center for Materials and Nanotechnology invites to a virtual seminar in the series “Krakow Condensed Matter Seminar” which will be held on 31st  March 2021, at 9.00 am.

A lecture entitled “Electrospun polymer fibers for tissue engineering and skin care applications” will be presented by Professor Urszula Stachewicz (AGH UST, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science).

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Surface properties of materials are the key parameter in many applications especially in the biomedical field to control cell-material interactions. During my presentation I will show how we control surface properties of polymer fibers via single-step electrospinning process. We proved the significant effect of fibers surface potential and geometry on cell integration with the scaffolds and further cells development in the regeneration processes based on the osteoblast and fibroblast culture studies. Additionally, the controlled geometries of electrospun fibers and membranes show a great application possibility as skin treatment patches, which will be also indicated during my seminar.