Challenges for scientists and engineers in today's innovative industry

Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology invites for a seminary that will be held on 17th May, 2018, at 14.00 (2.00 pm).

A lecture titled “Challenges for scientists and engineers in today's innovative industry” will be given by Luc Van De Putte from ArcelorMittal Poland.

Venue: Kawiory 30 Street, building D-16, auditorium room (1.02A)

An abstract of the lecture

Innovation is important in every industry. Steel industry is sometimes perceived as old industry, but in reality, also there, a lot of innovations and investments are going on. This brings important challenges to scientists and engineers working in these companies. In this seminar we will give a view on the challenges we encounter in the ArcelorMittal Modelling Group, where scientists (physicists, chemists and material engineers) are working on process models, on improvements regarding planning and logistics and on data analysis. Going through these challenges reveals the expectations of today's innovative industry towards new, high skilled, employees