AGH UST DAY 2016 has been and gone!

fot. Kacper Montusiewicz

fot. Kacper Montusiewicz

fot. Katarzyna Czarniecka

fot. Kacper Montusiewicz

fot. Kacper Montusiewicz

On 11th June, 2016, there was an AGH UST DAY, i.e. a great family picnic and a holiday of the academic community of our university: students, employees, graduates, and their families.  

Professor Mirosław Karbowniczek, AGH UST Vice-Rector for General Affairs, officially opened the AGH UST DAY at 2 pm. The Saturday afternoon was full of attractions and events, and the area of the Student Campus, where the picnic took place, was visited by several thousand people. For children there were games and plays. Adults had fun watching sketches and improvisations performed by the artists of the group Stand Up. A raffle with attractive prizes caused a lot of excitement. Everyone celebrated to the sounds of the AGH UST Representative Orchestra and the songs performed by Paweł Moska. Akustyczni Band heated the atmosphere with their hits and encouraged everyone to join in the fun. The picnic ended with an enthusiastically received concert performed by the bank ZWYK. 

The AGH UST DAY also brought the emotions of sport – during the picnic there took place the 5th AGH UST Run, which attracted several hundred athletes. The winners were presented with medals by professor Tadeusz Słomka, AGH UST Rector, and professor Anna Siwik, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.  

Also, the results of the fourth edition of the photo competition “My AGH UST” were announced. The competition had been entered by 19 people, who had submitted 47 photos. The winners were presented with prizes by professor Anna Siwik. 

The 3rd AGH UST DAY has already found a permanent place in the life of the university. Please join us at another picnic in June 2017!

Foto relation - KSAF AGH

Foto relation - Zbigniew Sulima