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Planting plot. A woman digs a hole for a seedling. A group of students surrounds her. A pleasant, autumnal weather, the sun shines, most people wear sports shoes and light jackets or jumpers. In the background, there are people who also plant small trees. The atmosphere is agreeable.
Planting trees together – second edition of AGH For.Rest
  • 07.10.2022

The AGH For.Rest initiative that was launched last year will have its second edition. On October 7, 2022, we will plant even more trees. This year, there will be 104 of them, since we are celebrating the 104th inauguration of the academic year.

The green tissue of Krakow will be enriched by native species of plants. The spot where we are going to plant the trees will be the same as last year, that is, a 0.55-hectare plot of land selected by the Parks and Landscape Service in Krakow. (ZZM). Planting trees at the same spot every year has its advantages: we can carefully observe the plants grow and, over the years, we will inevitably have a unique and wonderful area – the AGH For.Rest.

In the second edition, the following guests will participate: Professor Jerzy Lis, AGH UST Rector, Professor Marek Cała, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management, Piotr Kempf, Director of the ZZM Krakow, as well as employees, students, and doctoral students from the AGH UST community.


All those interested in participating in the initiative should gather on October 7, 2022 at 11:00 at the entrance to the A-4 building.

Two-way transport will be provided by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management.