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The AGH University of Science and Technology will host the 14th international conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes. The event will take place between June 25 and 29, 2023. It will be held in memory of the initiator and organiser of the first NUMIFORM 1982 conference – Professor Olgierd C. Zienkiewicz.

The conference participants will include scientists, researchers, engineers, and leaders in the field of industrial forming processes. The objective of NUMIFORM 2023 will be to exchange experiences and promote the latest achievements and innovative solutions in the following fields:

  • Material behaviour and modelling and its numerical implementation
  • Process modelling and its numerical implementation
  • Conventional and novel methods of forming and joining metals
  • Polymer and composite processing

The Programme of NUMIFORM 2023 will comprise a series of special sessions and mini-symposia covering all aspects of numerical methods in industrial forming processes. It will be possible to publish the presented papers in a special issue of one of International Journals.

Initially, the conference was scheduled for 2022. Due to the pandemic, it was rescheduled for the following year.

More information

Olgierd Cecil Zienkiewicz (1921–2009) was a British civil engineer and mathematician of Polish descent. One of the creators of the finite element method (FEM). Pioneer in implementing numerical simulations in forming processes. Exceptional scientist in the field of numerical analysis of engineering problems. Professor and Director of the Institute for Numerical Methods in Engineering at Swansea University and the UNESCO Chair of Numerical Methods in Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. Prominent engineer in construction of hydro‐electric projects, author of many books and technical articles, populariser of FEM for various applications.

In 1982, Professor Olgierd Cecil Zienkiewicz has started a series of conferences called Numerical Methods for Industrial Forming Processes (NUMIFORM).