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I am not a robot. Soft Skills Academy
  • 04.12.2023
  • 10.12.2023

Registration is now open for the biggest free workshops in Krakow on soft skills, namely Soft Skills Academy. The event titled “I am not a robot” will take place at the AGH University on December 4-10, 2023.

During this year’s edition, the participants will be able to choose from four development paths: business, finances, auto presentation, and effective learning. The time devoted to lectures and workshops will bring results in the future in the form of a better start on the job market, broader professional perspective, and increased confidence.

Convinced that the power of a human lies in soft skills, the organisers offer students the possibility to gain what is unattainable for artificial intelligence. Soft skills constitute an essential “human element”, irreplaceable by any machine or a program.

Soft Skills Academy is organised by a student organisation, Electrical Engineering Students' European Association (EESTEC) at the AGH University of Krakow.

More information, registration, agenda (in Polish)

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