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Grafika ilustracyjna. Hacker (zakapturzona postać) trzyma dłoń na klawiaturze laptopa. Z ekranu laptopa rozchodzi się grafika z wykresami rynków walutowych.
Criminal Intelligence – New Trends in Analysis Conference
  • 19.09.2023
  • 21.09.2023

The second edition of the international analytical conference “Criminal Intelligence – New Trends in Analysis Conference 2023” (CINTiA 2023) will be held from 19th to 21st September 2023 in the AGH University Institute of Computer Science. The event is organised by Polish Platform For Homeland Security, the AGH University of Krakow, and the European CYCLOPES project.

The conference is addressed to both representatives of the services responsible for security and scientists who deal with criminal intelligence and analysis in their daily work.

The aim of the conference is to enable knowledge and experiences transfer between representatives of agencies, providers of tools for conducting criminal analysis and representatives of the world of science. By participating in the presentations of new technologies and becoming familiar with the results of research, representatives of Law Enforcement Authorities (LEA) will gain knowledge that will allow them to improve their criminal analysis process. This will enhance the overall level of public safety. On the other hand, feedback from officers on the presented solution will allow companies to better adapt their offer to the expectations of end users in the future.

CINTiA 2023 will consist of two panels: scientific and practical. The first one will focus on presentations of the results of research, including indication of trends and direction of development of the area which is the subject of the conference. During the practical panel, suppliers of modern technologies will present their latest solutions in the field of:

  • LEA, Defence and Intelligence Analysis
  • Lawful Interception and Criminal Investigation
  • Social Network Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics
  • Threat Intelligence Gathering and Cyber Security
  • Intelligence DarkWeb, Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain Transaction
  • Digital Forensics.

Participation in the event is free of charge for representatives of uniformed services, public authorities, and scientists.

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