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Poster of the 2023 Open Eyes Summit, dark blue backround with a blue eye on the left and information about the event on the right
8th Open Eyes Economy Summit. Social Energy Generator
  • 21.11.2023
  • 22.11.2023

The AGH University is once again a co-organiser of the International Congress of the Economics of Values Open Eyes Economy Summit. OEES 8 will take place on November 21–22, 2023 in the ICE Congress Centre in Krakow, but also online on a special streaming platform The main theme of the Open Eyes Economy Summit 2023 will be social energy.

During the Congress, the report “Social Energy Generators” will be premiered, whose authors from various backgrounds will discuss the issue of releasing and wasting the potential of social energy in our country. We will also present the second edition of the Polish Economic Credibility Index – an expert report by economists on the state of the Polish economy.

The OEES 2023 Programme Board includes the following AGH University representatives: Rector – Prof. Jerzy Lis, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities – Dr hab. Barbara Gąciarz, AGH university associate professor, and Dr Marcin Zwierżdżyński from the Faculty of Humanities.

The AGH University will be a substantive partner of the “Civilisation of Artificial Intelligence” path, within which it will coordinate the sessions: Artificial Intelligence: Challenges And Threats and <Hello society>, <Hello AI>. How Does AI Affect Us, And How Do We Affect AI?

Another session coordinated by the AGH University will be The Social Dimension of Energy Urban Regeneration within the “Energy regeneration of cities” thematic path.

During OEES 2023, there will be a chance to meet the representatives of the Eduvrlab Laboratory from the Faculty of Humanities, who will present the applications of VR technology.

Organised since 2016, the Open Eyes Economy Summit is an international economy congress gathering participants from the world of science, economy, culture, and politics. The Congress is dedicated to the economy based on social values.

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