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New strategy of the AGH University of Science and Technology

Abstract image showing a fragment of a statue of a man in a niche in a building. In the background, there are fragments of sentences from the university document in Polish.

Photo: AGH UST

New strategy of the AGH University of Science and Technology

The AGH UST Senate passed a resolution that introduces a new ‘Strategy of the AGH University of Science and Technology’, a comprehensive document that redefines the roles and goals of the university, taking into account the current situation and the Mission of the AGH UST, combining the vision of the University of the Future with fidelity to the perennial traditions built on the foundation of timeless values.

The long-term activities of the AGH UST that will lead to the continuous improvement of its status in educational, scientific, and social circles shall be encapsulated in the pursuit of implementing the following six main goals:

  1. Modern education attractive to students and the university environment in Poland and abroad
  2. University open to students, their professional development and passions
  3. Leading research university with a high status in Poland and around the world
  4. University oriented towards national and international cooperation, a leader in innovation and transfer of knowledge
  5. Attractive workplace for the best scientists, teachers, and support employees
  6. Well-managed university with a modern and flexible structure

The strategy charts out directions for prospective activities and establishes a framework for decision-making processes and efforts and resources allocation, adequately to the dynamically changing conditions in university functioning.

The following teams and bodies worked on analysing the needs and perspectives of the university community, as well as formulating the strategic and operational goals: Rector’s Committee for Mission led by Dr hab. Barbara Gąciarz, Associate Professor at the AGH UST; Rector’s Committee for Strategy led by Professor Tadeusz Telejko; and Rector’s Team for Strategy led by Professor Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki.

I am convinced that the premises of this strategy mirror our common drive to develop the AGH University of Science and Technology and multiply its exceptional resources, treating modern challenges as opportunities instead of setbacks’, says Prof. Jerzy Lis, AGH UST Rector. ‘This document is the result of deep reflection and the cooperation of many people. I express my gratitude to all units and bodies involved in its preparation and formulation – especially the Commission for Mission and the Commission and Team for Strategy, as well as the team of the Centre for Communication and Marketing, which gave this text its final shape’.

Strategy of the AGH University of Science and Technology (PDF file)