Knowledge supported by experience – professional training and work experience

At AGH UST we educate specialists who are needed by industry and labour markets. We know this because we collaborate with tycoons. Our university hosts an advisory body which is unique on the national scale – the AGH UST Assembly. The Assembly members include the authorities of voivodeships and the managers of leading companies, hence being an important advisory body to the university, and the Assembly sessions which take place twice a year are a platform for sharing experiences of higher education as it functions alongside industry and local governments. The contact of AGH UST with the world of economy and local governments allows us to constantly adjust the existing curriculum and syllabuses to the needs of the market. 

At AGH UST we are fully aware of the fact that practical exercises in the form of laboratories and work experience are an indispensable element in the process of educating a prospective engineer. The programmes of education at AGH UST are designed in such a way that on top of the traditional form of education, i.e. lectures, students can participate in a number of laboratory exercises and projects. The awareness of educational requirements faced by technical courses, which are to a large extent based on a wide spectrum of analyses, measurements and tests, makes us constantly improve our laboratories and workshops, so that they are modern and comfortable. AGH UST is proud to have an impressive number of over 400 educational laboratories. 

Alongside laboratory-based classes, students are involved in work experience and professional training at various companies and institutions. It is there where their knowledge is verified and enriched by the experience of real-world production lines and laboratories. This process is guaranteed by a constantly-growing number of collaboration agreements with industry. For example, our partners are companies like Microsoft, Google, Motorola, IBM, Comarch, Delphi, PGNiG, Lotos, Siemens, KGHM, and RWE. 

The most-gifted and skilled students have a chance to take part in prestigious professional training programmes at the best universities in the world. Within the framework of regular programmes organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, AGH UST students spend some time at California’s Stanford University where they can learn from the best.

For those who feel that the second-cycle studies are not enough, AGH UST offers a wide range of postgraduate courses.  These programmes are designed and run by professionals who are often employees of other companies, so that they can teach necessary and practical things which are useful in their particular field of activity.  

Alongside lectures and classes, the university organises discussion panels with the representatives of industry as well as outstanding scientists and researchers; these meetings are an excellent opportunity to share theoretical knowledge and practical experiences between the academic environment and experts.