Terms and conditions of admissions to the AGH Doctoral School

§1 General provisions


1. Admissions to the AGH Doctoral School, hereinafter referred to as the School, are open once a year, in the period immediately preceding the beginning of the winter semester.
2. Admissions to the School are awarded on a competitive basis.
3. The pre-selection procedure is conducted for each unit separately, via common admissions system.
4. Admission limits and the list of disciplines available to applicants are announced by the Vice-Rector for Science, subject to consultation with the units submitting research topics.
5. The School Admissions Calendar is announced by the Doctoral School Director.


§2 Submission of research topics


1. Research topics can be submitted by persons authorised to exercise scientific supervision over candidates’ work toward doctoral dissertation in accordance with the provisions of Section 190 of the Higher Education and Science Law Act of 20 July 2018 (as further amended), hereinafter referred to as the Act.
2. Research topics can be submitted subject to approval of the head of the unit in which doctorate will be undertaken. By issuing the approval, the head of the unit acknowledges that the unit has sufficient resources required for the successful delivery of the doctoral dissertation.
3. Research topics must be submitted in Polish and English.
4. The following information must be provided when submitting research topics:
a) the title of the research topic,
b) academic title and/or degree, full name of supervisor(s),
c) academic degree, full name of auxiliary supervisor, if the function has been provided for for the purpose of pursuing the research topic,
d) name of the scientific discipline(s) (including the leading discipline), in which the research topic will be undertaken,
e) name of the unit where the research topic will be pursued,
f) description of the research topic,
g) information on scientific resources provided by the unit, which can be used for the purpose of the research project to be undertaken.
5. The final list of research topics is determined by the Doctoral School Director, subject to approval from the Doctoral School Board. The list of topics will be published on the Doctoral School’s website not later than 7 days prior to the opening of the electronic registration system for Doctoral School candidates.


§3 Competition procedure


1. Doctoral School candidates shall submit, by the deadline set out in the Admissions Calendar, the following documents:
a) registration form (including declaration of research topic to be pursued),
b) personal data form,
c) resume,
d) official copy of graduation certificate,
e) diploma supplement or another approved document confirming graduation,
f) Certificate of grade point average for second cycle programme or long-cycle Master’s programme,
g) written scientific supervision consent of the prospective supervisor,
h) list of achievements with supporting documents,
i) personal data processing consent.
2. Candidates who have obtained a degree in another country must additionally submit certified translation of the graduation certificate and diploma supplement.
3. Candidates who are not citizens of any EU country or member-state of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) must additionally submit a document issued by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) confirming recognition of their academic qualification awarded abroad
4. Candidates will take a qualifying examination in the scope of the leading discipline within which the doctoral dissertation will be delivered. The examination will be conducted by the Examination Board appointed by the Doctoral School Director subject to consent from heads of the units open for admission. The subject area covered by the examination includes problems and issues connected with the leading discipline declared by each candidate. The scope of research problems related to particular disciplines is published on the Doctoral School’s website. The exam includes as one of its parts personal presentation which will allow the assessment of the candidate profile with special emphasis on the candidate’s motivation and suitability for the successful delivery of the intended doctoral dissertation. Candidates can decide to take the examination in Polish or English.
5. Each Candidate is required to sit a B2 English competence test. Candidates holding language certificates may apply for the said certificate to be credited towards the English language competence test. Decisions regarding exemption from the language test on the basis of an external certificate and the grade awarded will be taken by the English Language Examination Board.
6. The ranking lists of prospective candidates, separate for individual units, will be drawn up on the basis of the admission index by the Admissions Board appointed by the Doctoral School Director, subject to consent from heads of the units open for admission. If a particular unit accepts candidates for several disciplines, rankings will be drawn up separately for each discipline.
7. The admission index is calculated according to the following formula:

Wr=wsr*Ośr+wos*Oos+wek*Oek+ wej*Oej

• wsr = 0,25 – weighting carried by the second-cycle or long-cycle Master’s programme grade,
• wos = 0,2 – weighting carried by the grade awarded for the Candidate’s scientific achievements to date,
• wek= 0,4 – weighting carried by the grade awarded for the qualifying examination in the leading discipline,
• wej = 0,15 – weighting carried by the grade awarded for the English language competence test, if passed, or wej = 0, if failed,
• Ośr – GPA for the Candidate’s second-cycle programme or long-cycle programme qualification calculated in accordance with the Study Regulations at the issuing institution (if GPA is not based on a 2-5 scale, it must be converted to a 2-5 scale),
• Oos – Grade awarded for the Candidate’s scientific achievements to date, determined by the Examination Board for the leading discipline based on a review of supporting documents submitted by the Candidate on a scale 0-5,
• Oek – Grade awarded for the qualifying examination in the Candidate’s leading discipline on a 2-5 scale
• Oej – English language competence test grade on a 2-5 scale.


§4 Enrollment of doctoral candidates


1. Candidates are enrolled in the School by the Doctoral School Director based on the ranking, provided the Candidate has met all formal requirements, subject to admission limits prescribed for particular units. Candidates who have failed the qualifying examination in the leading discipline will not be enrolled in the Doctoral School. Candidates who have passed the qualifying exam in the leading discipline but were not enrolled in the Doctoral School due to lack of available places within the admission limit offered by the unit they have applied to will be entered on a waiting list. Waiting lists are created based on rankings for each unit or discipline (if applicable).
2. If more than one candidate qualifying for the Doctoral School has applied for a particular research topic, the topic will be awarded to the candidate with the highest place in the ranking of all persons seeking the same topic. Other qualifying candidates who have sought the same topic may be admitted to the School provided they submit a consent related to an alternative topic within the same discipline, to be pursued at the same unit, unless that other topic has been awarded to another candidate in accordance with Par. 3(1) (g) within the deadline provided for in the Admissions Calendar.
3. Qualifying candidates will be enrolled as doctoral students on submission of the enrolment form within the deadline set out in the Admissions Calendar. Failure to submit the enrolment form will mean that the Candidate has not undertaken studies at the Doctoral School.
4. If any qualifying candidates do not undertake studies at the School, places that have opened up in this way may be taken up by candidates from the respective waiting lists, in order of appearance on the said lists.
5. If admissions to a given unit are conducted for more than one discipline, places which have not been taken up in one discipline can be transferred to another discipline open for admissions at the same unit to increase the admission limits for that other discipline.


§5 International admissions


Doctoral programme candidates who are not Polish citizens and who have satisfied official requirements regarding education as set out in Section 326 of the Higher Education and Science Law Act of 20 July 2018 will be admitted in accordance with the admission procedure applicable to Polish citizens.


§6 Non-standard admissions


Candidates for doctoral programmes who do not hold the degree of magister, magister inżynier or equivalent, applying for admission to a doctoral school under Section 186 (2) of the Act may seek admission provided they have obtained approval from the Doctoral School Board acknowledging the person’s outstanding academic achievement.