The list of topics for the entry exam to the AGH Doctoral School in discipline Materials Science

  1. Grain refinement mechanism of metals and alloys.

  2. Strengthening of foundry alloys.

  3. The influence of cooling rate on the structure and properties of castings.

  4. Heat treatment of cast iron and aluminum alloys.

  5. Classification of eutectics, examples.

  6. Nucleation and crystal growth.

  7. Shaping the primary structure of castings.

  8. Crystallization and production of metal matrix composites.

  9. The influence of main alloying elements on the structure of cast steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys.

  10. Refining of casting alloys.

  11. Foundry molds in casting processes.

  12. High pressure die casting of aluminum alloys.

  13. Machines and equipment used in foundry technologies.

  14. Characteristics of sand casting process.

  15. Characteristics of permanent mold casting process.

  16. Physicochemical processes during the metallurgy processes of iron alloys.