Interim Assessment

Dear Doctoral Students,


In accordance with The Law on Higher Education and Science the implementation of the Individual Research Plan shall be subject to mid-term evaluation in the middle of the period of education. The mid-term evaluation will be conducted by a committee composed of three members based on your Summary of academic accomplishments and an interview with the doctoral student.


The Doctoral School Board has developed a form for the preparation of the Summary of academic accomplishments, the purpose of which is to present the progress in the implementation of the Individual Research Plan. The form includes a series of comments (in red) to help you prepare this document properly. Please note that the form is closely related (referenced) to the Individual Research Plan. Your task is to show that the research carried out so far is in accordance with IRP, or explain the differences. Please do not change the structure of this document.


The original version of the Summary of academic accomplishments should be delivered to the AGH Doctoral School office by June 17th. Only the Summary (with signatures) must be delivered to the office. In addition, a scan of the Summary (with signatures) and all attachments should be sent by e-mail to


Please note that <s>only</s> the PhD student and his supervisor (supervisors) are responsible for the  content of the Summary. The employees of the AGH Doctoral School will only check whether the Summary is prepared on the correct form and contains all the required signatures. All summaries and attachments will be shared with the mid-term evaluation committees after June 17. The mid-term comittee for doctoral studens will take place in two sessions: June 28th - July 9th and alternatively August 23rd - September 3rd. A detailed schedule of the evaluation will be announced by June 7th.


If you have any questions about the Summary form, please send them by e-mail to by February 28th. We kindly ask you that the title of the e-mail begins with the word [Autoreferat]. The answers for the most frequently asked questions will be published on the AGH Doctoral School website.