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This year’s fellows of the START programme announced

An image showing a spatial model of a chemical particle in monochrome.

Photo: Dreamstime

This year’s fellows of the START programme announced

Three prominent young scientists from the AGH University will receive prestigious scholarships from the START programme from the Foundation for Polish Science. The annual scholarship of PLN 30,000 is entirely discretionary.

The grant holders from the AGH University are: Dr Eng. Piotr Szewczyk and Dr Eng. Daniel Ura from the Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, and Mikołaj Nowak, MSc Eng., a doctoral student at the Faculty of Energy and Fuels. All three represent the field of materials engineering.

The START programme of the Foundation for Polish Science is the oldest scholarship programme for the best young scientists in Poland, who represent all fields of knowledge. Its purpose is to support young exceptional scholars and to encourage them to continue to develop scientifically. 

START scholarship holders are selected in a multi-stage competition, which assesses the quality of their past academic achievement.

This year, out of 600 candidates, scholarships were awarded to 100 of the most prominent young scientists. The total amount allocated by the Foundation for Polish Science for the scholarships in the 31st edition of the START programme is PLN 3,056,000.