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The AGH University hosted international exchange participants as part of the NAWA SPINAKER project

Grupowe zdjęcie uczestników wymiany zrobione w auli AGH. Kilkanaście osób, kobiet i mężczyzn, stoi obok siebie, pozując do zdjęcia.

The AGH University hosted international exchange participants as part of the NAWA SPINAKER project

Due to the NAWA SPINAKER project, Intensive International Curricula, the AGH University welcomed a delegation of about 50 talented students and doctoral students from various renowned foreign universities. At the same time, around 150 people remotely participated in modern education classes.

The SPINAKER project focused on principal artificial intelligence issues with regard to its uses in medicine, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and HPC systems (High-Performance Computing). Students and doctoral students participated in diverse courses: „Advanced artificial intelligence technologies in autonomous driving, healthcare and robotics”, „Advanced artificial intelligence technologies in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing”, and „Efficient usage of HPC systems in artificial intelligence and machine learning”. The aim of the programme was also to spark foreign students and doctoral students’ interest in educational offers, particularly in the current AGH University offer.

Students also had an opportunity to meet the AGH University Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Professor Rafał Dańko and familiarise themselves with the AGH University history and activity.

“The NAWA SPINAKER project is another milestone in the development of international cooperation at the AGH University. It has not only made the exchange of knowledge and experiences possible, but also allowed to promote our attractive educational offer among foreign students and doctoral students. This unique event constitutes a confirmation of our commitment to nurture talents and support innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. We would like to thank all participants, speakers, and organisers for the participation in the NAWA SPINAKER project, and we are firmly convinced that together, we set new directions in science and technology,” summarised Professor Rafał Dańko.

The exchange as part of the NAWA SPINAKER project took place in the second half of June 2023.