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Innovation + IT tools – laureates of the IT is ME competition

A group of people in a circle. Three of them stand with their backs towards the camera with purple T-shirts with the “IT is ME” logo. They are conversing with two other people standing in front of them. Balloons and posters in the background.

Photo: J. Piestrzyńska, KSAF AGH

Innovation + IT tools – laureates of the IT is ME competition

During the IT is ME Student Innovation Festival organised by the AGH UST, we selected the best innovative student projects that use IT tools. These are the winning projects:


The project was created to aid in future crewed space missions and autonomous food production by first Mars settlers. According to the predictions made by space colonisation specialists, the main source of sustenance for people establishing first settlements on the Red Planet will be plants; and for a plant farm to function properly, it will need a constant stream of essential nutrients. The solution might come in the form of Neocardina davidi prawns, natural producers of ammonia. The issue here might be the impact of interplanetary transport on the biological balance and immunity of prawns. To investigate this, a payload has been installed on a rocket with a research module, which will allow scientists to conduct the experiment during the rocket’s flight.

The project of AGH Space Systems

The team: Barbara Szaflarska, Filip Tomczyk, Piotr Sławęcki, Emilia Seta, Magdalena Król, Piotr Duszkiewicz, Alicja Bogusz

A female scientist prepares samples, behind her is a large blueish car.


Glasses that will allow blind and visually impaired people to move safely in public spaces and in new surroundings. They are equipped with a microphone, camera, speaker, and microcontroller to control all modules. The solution is very simple – a person wearing the device utters a command, for example, ‘I’m looking for a chair’; then, the image from the camera is processed by artificial intelligence that checks if there is a chair available in the room and, if so, where it is located. The correct response is given by the speaker placed directly next to the ear of the person wearing the glasses.

The team: Michał Pogorzelec (project manager, software), Katarzyna Wcisło (electronics, 3D printing), Paweł Radzik (video system, machine learning), Sebastian Pilch (modelling)

The photo shows the SaferVision team. They are holding a large prize voucher. Behind them is a screen with a slide of the IT is ME festival.


An application to facilitate easy telemetry visualisation. It was created to analyse data from motorcycles. It has been skilfully designed to facilitate simple integration of new vehicles, not only motorcycles but also drones, allowing users to map the trajectory of the vehicle and read its diagnostic parameters.

The project of E-Moto AGH

The photo shows one of the creators of the app. He poses with a prize voucher against a motorcycle and an information banner.


A system that allows an electric bolide to drive autonomously, including: real-time terrain mapping, cone detection, and safe route determination. It collects data from a stereo vision camera, a lidar, and other sensors. The project initially constituted an element of the RTD 1.0. autonomous electric bolide built for the Formula Student international competition.

The project of AGH Racing Student Research Club
The team: Kamil Baradziej, Rafał Górecki, Jakub Grzeszczyk, Nicolas Duc, Piotr Wójcicki, Piotr Sokołowski, Paulina Gacek, Remigiusz Pomorski, Aleksander Seremak, Adam Paleczny, Tomasz Jażdżewski

A black electric bolide in the middle of the photo. Three people are standing behind it with a prize voucher, all dressed in black.


An application for stocktaking and renting items using QR Code technology. The QR code contains the ID of the item/shelf together with a link that redirects the user to the app, where they can easily manage their stock availability. An additional asset of the solution includes the possibility of finding items on an interactive map and with the use of a built-in browser. To help with item stocktaking, the application provides its users with the ability to download an Excel report and upload the outline of the building. Furthermore, it gives the user easy access to check the availability of certain items and to rent them without any problem.

The project of Creative AGH Student Research Club
The team: Anna Gołda, Adam Wasylewicz, Patryk Janas, Przemysław Matraj, Adam Jasiński

Development of crewless autonomous vehicle technology. AUV “Haller”

The autonomous underwater vehicle “Haller” was designed and constructed by the AGH Marines Student Research Club from scratch. It is equipped with a propeller, a control system, a manipulator, and a double missile-launching station (for torpedoes). The team responsible for the project is still searching for innovative solutions that will allow “Haller” to succeed in international competitions. The project was named after general Józef Haller who, in February 1920, performed the ceremony of symbolic Poland's Wedding to the Sea.

The project of AGH Marines Student Research Club
The team: Tomasz Małachowski, Kacper Przybylski, Krzysztof Sarwa, Malwina Cieśla, Mikołaj Pasterz, Piotr Wilkoń, Michaela Murzyniec

The photo shows the AGH Marines team, a large group of people posing near an indoor swimming pool with their machine.


A fully autonomous boat and USV research station was built to monitor the surroundings with regard to the pollution of water reservoirs. Ultimately, it will be equipped with water and air quality sensors, which will allow scientists to precisely analyse the data that the boat collects. The functionalities of the boat were expanded to make it eligible for a start in the RoboBoat competition organised in the United States of America. The boat is capable of performing precise tasks that require the use of modern technologies, including a video system that uses neural networks to detect objects and exact real-time positioning using student-made algorithms and data collected by its sensors.

The project of Solar Boat AGH Student Research Club
The team: Robert Koziarski, Olivier Lichota, Kacper Głodek, Natalia Pluta, Michał Suchta, Anastasiia Vudvud, Mikołaj Słowikowski, Jakub Strojewski, Kacper Duda

The autonomous boat on the surface of water.


Professor Rafał Dańko, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, has awarded an honourable mention to the MUSICLY project – a portal that connects musicians with recording studios, created by musicians for musicians, to improve the process of recording and production. The solution offers an easy way to browse and compare music services in the area and facilitates contact with sound engineers. Booking recording sessions has never been so simple.

The team: Mikołaj Sieńko (CEO, founder), Anna Ojdana (Web Development), Patrycja Wierzbowska (marketing), Jakub Modrzecki (contact with clients)

A photo of a dimmed, smoky room with a drum kit, a drummer, microphones, and other concert equipment.

The main goal of the IT is ME competition and festival has been to promote the scientific and innovative potential of the AGH UST students, as well as to create a platform for showcasing their achievements to a wider audience, including IT companies.

The winners of the competition received cash prizes.