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AGH University the best Polish institution in EngiRank

Image of the AGH University spokesperson holding a folder with a diploma in front of an EngiRank photo wall

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AGH University the best Polish institution in EngiRank

In the European Ranking of Engineering Programs next generation (EngiRank 2023), the AGH University was awarded the 1st place among Polish institutions. EngiRank serves as a tool to compare the quality of engineering and technology programmes offered by European universities with the use of indicators characteristic for the discipline but also related to the participation in the EU educational area.

List of Polish technical universities

  1. AGH University of Krakow
  2. Gdańsk University of Technology
  3. Warsaw University of Technology
  4. Wroclaw University of Technology
  5. Silesian University of Technology
  6. Lodz University of Technology
  7. Poznan University of Technology
  8. Cracow University of Technology
  9. West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin
  10. Lublin University of Technology
  11. Military University of Technology in Warsaw
  12. Rzeszow University of Technology
  13. Opole University of Technology
  14. Czestochowa University of Technology
  15. Bialystok University of Technology
  16. Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology
  17. University of Zielona Góra
  18. Kielce University of Technology

The podium of the EngiRank 2023 belongs to: Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), and KU Leuven (Belgium).

EngiRank has a regional outreach and encompasses 225 higher education institutions in 27 countries of the European Union. It was developed by the “Perspektywy” Education Foundation and the Foundation for The Development of the Education System (FRSE) in cooperation with Elsevier. It is based on indicators including:

  • the number of scored publications co-authored by researchers outside academia,
  • citations,
  • cooperation with companies measured, among others, by the amount of funding for research obtained from external sources,
  • the number of patents,
  • participation in the Horizon programme.

It also takes into account four indicators related directly to the Erasmus+ programme as a tool for internationalising universities, two on student mobility, an indicator of student internships, and an indicator of university participation in European University alliances.

The formal announcement of the results of the EngiRank 2023 next generation was held on November 17, 2023 at Business & Science Poland in Brussels. On the part of the AGH University, the diploma was received by Anna Żmuda-Muszyńska, the AGH University Spokesperson (in the picture).

EngiRank 2023 results