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AGH University promotional projects among the best in Poland

A glass award statuette in the shape of a round solid figure on a glass base.

Photo: Anna Hwedyk, AGH University

AGH University promotional projects among the best in Poland

The AGH University received awards in a Polish competition for a creative higher education institution promotional campaign ‘Genius Universitatis 2023’. The jury granted our university two awards for the activities carried out by the Centre for Communication and Marketing: in the content marketing caterogy for ‘Bunkier nauki’, and in the online video category for ‘Istotny błąd’.

Bunkier nauki [Science Bunker]

This popular science channel, created by the Centre for Communication and Marketing, launched in June 2022. Episodes that air every two weeks (there have been 20 of them so far) take the form of casual 30- to 40-minute-long conversations with scientists and popularisers of science about the hottest scientific topics. We have talked about climate change, artificial intelligence, space exploration, computer games, air pollution, telemedicine, and diabetes, among other things. Bunkier nauki is a place for science aficionados who discuss the most important issues of the present. The channel is intended for all those curious about the world. In the era of fake news and pseudoscience, the AGH University delivers information that introduces our viewers and listeners into the world of science in a reliable, credible, and, most of all, straightforward way.

The recording studio was established at the Faculty of Foundry Engineering. The stage design of the studio, apart from elements alluding to the industrial nature of the place, also includes Senster – a cybernetic and interactive sculpture from the 1960s, authored by Edward Ihnatowicz.

Science Bunker episodes are available in Polish on our YouTube channel or as a podcast on Spotify.

A poster that promotes the channel. A woman in a VR headset, an astronaut’s helmet and the Moon in the centre of the image.

Istotny błąd [A Critical Mistake]

The film was created for the AGH University by director Bartłomiej Jakubiak, who brought it to life as part of the 9th edition of the Papaya Young Creators competition.

The idea behind the video was to show that sometimes, even a single seemingly catastrophic mistake, can lead to unexpected success. Mistakes are part of exploration, and a university is a place where one should experiment, investigate, and experience. To do this in full, we need brave ideas and permission to... make mistakes. This is exactly what happens at the AGH University – failure does not disqualify, as it is something that allows you to grow and move on. Our university appreciates each and every student initiative, we accept even the wildest ideas and out-of-the-box thinking – all this to let our students develop their talents and passions.

The film subscribes to the current university strategy that orientates more and more courageously towards space exploration. The video features our Martian rover Kalman, created by AGH Space Systems.

The film, which already has 587,000 views, can be found on our YouTube channel.


The organiser of ‘Genius Universitatis’ is the “Perspektywy” Education Foundation. The competition aims to showcase the best promotional activities of Polish universities. It is open to all Polish higher education institutions (including faculties and institutes), and participation is free of charge. Universities can submit applications in one or more categories: press advertisement, event supporting admissions, promotional gadget, social network campaign, online video, content marketing, admissions website, and – a novelty – Genius Ad (for non-standard projects that ‘do not fit’ in the remaining categories).

The jury of the competition analyses the submitted projects according to the following criteria: freshness of the idea, coherence with university values, clarity and friendliness of the message, aesthetics and artistic value, as well as skilfullness in choosing the tools and media of presentation.

The laureates of this year’s edition were announced on March 10, 2023 in Warsaw during a ceremonial gala. On behalf of the AGH University, the award was collected by Anna Hwedyk from the Centre for Communication and Marketing.

A shot from the film showing a face with glasses (a close-up of the eyes and nose).