University operations during the pandemic

Access to university buildings 

In the period covered by the ordinance, access to university buildings is limited to: 

  • employees and doctoral students,  
  • students participating in classes taking place on site at the university premises.

Access of other people is forbidden with an exception of extraordinary circumstances and needs. Consent for such access can be granted by heads of units who are administrators of rooms in the buildings, or individuals authorised by them, who will inform the AGH UST Guard about their decisions. 

Operation of university administrations 

  • The requirement of full operation of university units between 7.30 am and 3.30 pm is suspended in exchange for providing duty shifts that enable dealing with current affairs. 
  • The requirement of keeping a register of activities and tasks performed distantly by employees is suspended. 
  • Principles related to recording and recognising the fulfilment of work duties by employees during their work time shall be specified by heads of units.