What organisational units (unit operational centres) must do upon receiving notices from staff members and regular or PhD students

In the event of receiving a notice of self-isolation or self-quarantine, the organisational units (unit operational centres) will

  • notify the ‘close contacts’ detailed by the reporting person,

    • in cases of self-isolation – restrict work-related contact of the above-mentioned contacts,
    • in cases of self-quarantine – recommend close self-monitoring of one’s health status,

  • set out principles for authorising work or study absences of reporting persons until the date of receiving a notice of isolation (confirmation of infection) or quarantine order issued by Sanepid and forward these decisions to the AntyCOVID Operational Centre,
  • keep record of such reports in the unit.


In the event of receiving a notice of coronavirus infection the organisational units (unit operational centres) will

  • verify the ‘close contact’ status of the persons indicated by the reporting person (lectures/classes involving direct contact, unprotected contact, touching shared surfaces and equipment, being in the same room for a minimum of 15 minutes etc.)
  • draw up a list of „close contacts” of the infected person including their full name, email address, contact phone number (data required by Sanepid),
  • address and contact phone number,
  • immediately instruct the persons from the list of ‘close contacts’ to return to the place of their usual residence,
  • forward the list of actions taken to the AntyCOVID Operational Centre together with the list of ‘close contacts’ of the infected person.

Cases should be reported to

AntyCOVID-19 Central Operational Team available 24/7
phone: 12 617-33-88
e-mail: zgloszenie@agh.edu.pl

additional contact:
Chancellor’s Office
phone: 12 617-20-08, 12-617-20-09 until 15.30.
e-mail: skc@agh.edu.plsdo@agh.edu.pl

The University units – on-duty officer authorised by a unit manager available from 07:00 to 22:00 (phone availability guaranteed).