Recommended actions to be taken in the event of a coronavirus infection being confirmed by a test

  • immediately notify your primary unit of the confirmed coronavirus infection, also stating the date when you were tested,
  • list all persons with whom you had ‘close contact’ on the AGH UST premises in the period of 7 days preceding the date of test, stating their email addresses and phone numbers,
  • notify the referring doctor of the test result,
  • submit information required by the sanitary and epidemiology authority (Sanepid) based on a remote interview,
  • complete the period of self-isolation as ordered by the GP.

Cases should be reported to

AntyCOVID-19 Central Operational Team available 24/7
phone: 12 617-33-88

additional contact:
Chancellor’s Office
phone: 12 617-20-08, 12-617-20-09 until 15.30.

The University units – on-duty officer authorised by a unit manager available from 07:00 to 22:00 (phone availability guaranteed).