Science & Business – Common Challenges

On November 18, 2021, the 7th Conference “Science & Business – Common Challenges” will take place in hybrid form: on site at the Faculty of Management and online via the Microsoft Teams platform. The objective of the event, apart from fruitful discussions and exchange of knowledge and experiences, is to create a common platform (B2B & S2B) connecting science with business and, as a result, form stronger bonds between representatives of these two worlds.

The conference is intended for representatives of higher education institutions, enterprises, entrepreneurs’ associations, and business environment organisations, as well as the local government. During the event, a discussion will be held on assessing viable participation opportunities of Polish scientific communities in the process of accelerating the transfer of cutting-edge technologies and organisational solutions for enterprises and business environment organisations in achieving economic and social goals.

The demands of the modern market create more and more challenges for organisations. The intensive growth of new technologies coupled with the shortening of the product’s life cycle, changes in lifestyle, migrations, and various crises render our current solutions and management methods obsolete and ineffective against the rigid laws of the economy. This means that entrepreneurs need new business models and strategies, as well as unique resources which would allow them to get ahead of their competition.

The conference will have two parts: science and business. Apart from the presentation of research results and discussions among an interdisciplinary community of researchers and practitioners of management traditional panel sessions, moderated meetings, and networking with entrepreneurs, business environment organisations and representatives of local government and chambers of economy will take place at the event.

The conference topics include the following issues:

  • Post-COVID world
  • Current dilemmas of entrepreneurship
  • Science & Business: the role of universities in the transfer of knowledge and shaping entrepreneurship
  • Regional economy
  • Trade, Global Market, Monetary Economics and Finance
  • ICT-​induced transformation of organisations
  • Digital business strategy
  • The future of digital business innovations
  • Business informatics and digital society
  • Virtual enterprise
  • Sustainable development of enterprises


November 18, 2021



  • On site: the AGH UST, Faculty of Management
  • Online: MS Teams platform


  • AGH University of Science and Technology; Faculty of Management
  • University of Szczecin, Faculty of Economics, Finance and Management