International Conference on the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development SEED'17

International Conference on the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development (SEED'17) will be held in Krakow Technology Park.

The scope of the Conference covers the area of sustainable energy and environmental development. Conference topics include, but are not limited to: 

Track 1: ENERGY

  • primary energy sources and technologies
  • renewable energy sources and technologies
  • nuclear and hydrogen Energy
  • energy storage
  • energy efficiency
  • co-generation and tri-generation systems
  • fuel cells for transport, aviation and stationary application
  • modelling, simulation and optimization of energy systems
  • measurements, automation and monitoring in energy systems
  • energy management in buildings and intelligent buildings
  • application of the renewable energy sources in buildings
  • distributed generation and smart cities
  • energy planning
  • energy sustainability in politics and economy


Track 2: FUELS

  • non-renewable and renewable fuels
  • biofuels and biorefineries (sustainability assessment)
  • clean coal technologies
  • sustainability assessment of solid fuels gasification
  • thermal power plants (fluidisation, cycling)
  • power to gas and power to liquids technologies
  • alternative fuels for fuel cells (direct carbon fuel cells, direct ethanol/methanol fuel cells and related topics)
  • H2O/CO2 co-electrolysis and related topics
  • traditional and alternative fuel vehicles (electric vehicles, solar vehicles, hydrogen
  • vehicles, compressed-air vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles etc.)



  • environmental protection in energy management systems
  • sustainability in the aspect of the environmental protection
  • wastewaters management systems
  • the role of transport (land and maritime) in shaping the quality of the environment
  • environmental quality management systems
  • education on the sustainability in the aspect of environment pollution
  • wastes treatment methods, including hazardous wastes (radionuclides), etc.
  • source apportionment of pollution related with energy production processes


Krakow Technology Park (Krakow, Podole 60 Street)


14-17 November 2017


Institute for Sustainable Energy with the Department of Sustainable Energy Development Faculty of Energy and Fuels AGH UST
Center of Energy AGH UST


e-mail: contact@seedconference.pl