International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant

The 14th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP 2019) will be organized in Krakow, from 8 through 13 September, 2019. There are scientists form AGH UST (Faculty of Energy and Fuels) among the member of organizing committee: z Wydziału Energetyki i paliw: Professor Józef Pacyna as chairman and Professor Janusz Gołaś as co-chairman.

Considerable scientific knowledge has been developed on sources and emissions of mercury, its fate, pathways and cycling through the environment, human exposure and impacts on human health. An agreement has been reached between scientists that mercury exposure today is so high in many areas of the globe that it threatens human health. This scientific knowledge, obtained through studies carried out in various research centers in all continents, formed the basis for policy makers decision to establish an international agreement on reduction of emissions and exposure to mercury.

The ICMGP2019 main themes:

  • how is mercury cycling changing on the global, regional and local scales in response to perturbaons caused by major anthropogenic drivers of the environmental change,
  • what is the relave risk of mercury exposure to human health and wildlife in the context of human welfare,
  • how can technological development contribute to the reducon of mercury exposure and improvement of environmental responsibility,
  • how will industry achieve more control of Hg emissions, handle waste products, and clean up contaminated site,
  • how can scienfic knowledge contribute to the implementaon and effecveness evaluaon of the Minamata Convenons and other regulatory agreements,
  • importance of integraon and implementaon of emerging and future mercury research into the policy making. 


ICE Kraków Congress Centre


8-13 September 2019