Energy, Fuels, Environment Conference


Faculty of Energy and Fuels AGH UST


16-18 September 2020


Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH Universityof Science and Technology in Krakow

Faculty of Environmental and Power Engineering Department of Energy Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology 


dr Bartłomiej Lis (e-mail: blis@agh.edu.pl)




The aim of the conference is to stress the interdisciplinarity in science and technology in the field of fuel and energy, and enhance contacts and exchange of experiences between the representatives of the scientific and industrial communities.

Plenary sessions will be devoted to the main problems of the functioning of the fuel and energy sectors in the economy and society. There are scheduled two plenary sessions:

Thematic sessions will consider widely understood issues of:

  • fuels – prospective fuels technologies, problems of fuels management and development,
  • energy – new energy technologies, efficiency and innovation in energy, intelligent management of energy,
  • environment – impact and mitigation of energy effects on environment, emissions abatement technologies,
  • energy and environmental policy – determinants and directions of fuels and energy economy, energy role in countries’ economies development, role of governments in energy sector,
  • economics – economic problems of energy and fuels economics, factors and capacities of innovation processes financing, markets and risks in fuels and energy sectors, fuels and energy companies on energy markets,
  • health – direct and indirect health effects of energy use and production, indoor climate and comfort,
  • society – acceptance of energy technologies, energy education, energy poverty.