62nd St. Barbara’s Day Conference of the AGH UST Student Research Clubs

The AGH UST invites you to participate in the 62nd St. Barbara’s Day Conference of the AGH UST Student Research Clubs, which will take place on December 9, 2021 in hybrid form.

During the event, the members of the numerous clubs, as well as all invited guests from Polish and foreign higher education institutions, will present the results of their scientific and educational work. The conference sessions will include more than 20 thematic sections.

Participation in sessions is free of charge. Every AGH UST student who belongs to a student research club can be a speaker at the conference.

Student Research Clubs have been operating at the AGH UST for nearly 95 years (the first was registered in 1927), allowing their members to develop knowledge, skills, and passions. The clubs focus on scientific and research activities, as well as participate in training and educational projects. A myriad of AGH UST students in more than 130 research clubs promote their university and faculties by popularising science and knowledge.


AGH University of Science and Technology




9 December 2021


AGH UST Student Research Clubs
Rector’s Proxy for Research Clubs


Assoc. Professor Paweł Bogacz (email: bogacz@agh.edu.pl)