Transfer of technologies

AGH UST Centre for Transfer of Technologies

AGH UST is an important centre for the development and transfer of innovative technologies. In order to create mechanisms facilitating and intensifying the transfer of innovative technologies from AGH UST to entrepreneurs and other external institutions, the AGH UST Centre for Transfer of Technologies has been established.

The Centre for Transfer of Technologies deals with comprehensive issues connected with the transfer of technologies, including:

  • promotion of AGH UST research, technological and specialist offer for entrepreneurs and investors,
  • selling intellectual property rights (patents, licences, knowhow) and making them available in other forms,
  • protecting intellectual property rights,
  • obtaining funds supporting the transfer of technologies,
  • information, advice and training related to the transfer of technologies.

The aim of the AGH UST Centre for Transfer of Technologies is supporting the processes of the commercialisation and transfer of innovative technologies and knowledge. The Centre operates in the domains of the marketing of science in business environment, protecting intellectual property, as well as servicing and financing the transfer of technologies. It co-operates with the AGH UST scientific environment and the entrepreneurial environment regardless of the scale of their activity, as well as with member organisations for entrepreneurs.

The mutual awareness of needs and possibilities, as well as the trust of the scientific and entrepreneurial environments is a key factor for the success of the transfer of technologies, hence increasing the innovativeness and competitiveness of the country’s economy. Increasing this awareness and trust is regarded by the AGH UST Centre for Transfer of Technologies as one of the main aims of its activity.


Krakow Centre of Innovative Technologies INNOAGH

An important role in the transfer of technologies is also played by the Krakow Centre of Innovative Technologies INNOAGH, established in April 2010, with 100% share capital owned by the AGH University of Science and Technology. The main, though by no means exclusive task of INNOAGH is the acquisition of university shares in new companies, the so-called “spin-off companies”, established on the basis of the results of research projects, and the general knowledge coming from scientific research units. Furthermore, the aim of the company is to provide advice and support to research staff who are interested in establishing innovative companies based on intellectual property originating at the university.