Support for entrepreneurs

The AGH UST Academic Business Incubator is an independent, non-profit university unit. Its aim is the promotion of creativity and professional independence among students, doctoral students, university graduates and employees in the Małopolska region, as well as helping them to establish their own businesses. The Incubator’s aim is to enable creative and ambitious people to begin their own business activities at minimum cost, so that after a period of incubation they can act in the conditions of the market economy, utilising the experience and knowledge gained at the Incubator. The AGH UST Academic Business Incubator is an institution supporting its beneficiaries at every stage of a company establishment, from a business idea, through a feasibility study, to its implementation. Beneficiaries also get support in recruiting contractors. It has been possible due to collaboration and cooperation with institutions and companies having suitable potential and experience, which they are willing to share with the beneficiaries of the Incubator. Beneficiaries can also make use of the technological and logistics infrastructure of AGH UST. Thanks to the co-operation with the university, beneficiaries can use specialist workshops, laboratories and equipment of the AGH UST faculties. The Business Incubator also provides advice to people who intend to start their own business activities. Considering its innovative form and offer, the AGH UST Academic Business Incubator is the only project of this kind in the Małopolska region.