AGH University of Science and Technology collaborates with many Polish and international partners. This activity is reflected by the agreements which we sign with domestic and international institutions. AGH UST also has a wide scope of cooperation with external partners. Here you can find a full list of partners with which AGH UST currently co-operates.

Since the beginning of the university, we have always been closely bound with the industry. These relationships result in companies' representatives participating in the life of the university. For this reason, the AGH UST Social Council has been established. Another similar body will be AGH UST Convent. Some of the tasks of these two collegial bodies is shaping the educational model while taking into account the requirements of students' future employers, and also expressing opinion as to the directions of research and scientific activities of AGH University of Science and Technology.

The cooperation with other universities, the industry, as well as public administration and local self-governing units is coordinated by the AGH UST Centre for Technology Transfer.

International cooperation with scientific and educational institutions is coordinated by the Department of International Relations.