International collaboration

International cooperation plays a very important role in academic research. The AGH University of Science and Technology has signed over 400 direct collaboration agreements with foreign partners in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. They aim at multidimensional cooperation in the fields of education and academic research. Each year, in collaboration with foreign partners, the university conducts approximately 200 research projects, including those covered by the EU Framework Programmes, Interreg, COST, EUREKA, SAVE, ALTENER, CULTURE 2000, DESY, and CERN. Alongside these projects, AGH UST also carries out projects approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the framework of intergovernmental agreements. AGH UST also participates in many educational projects supported by programmes such as Erasmus LLP, Leonardo da Vinci, CEEPUS, TEMPUS, the Visegrad Fund, eTEN, and the European Social Fund. Currently, the university has approximately 200 agreements within the framework of the Erasmus LLP programme, which include the exchange of students and lecturers.


International collaboration is treated as one of the most important elements of the educational and academic development of the university, as well as the maintenance and enhancement of its international prestige. In addition, AGH UST is a member of many international organisations. As a university of practical character, AGH UST has always focused on collaboration with business and industry. It has signed partnership agreements with approximately 300 industrial plants, including large international corporations.