Robot designed by AGH UST students will deliver parcels – on its own

ADR (Autonomous Delivery Robot)

AGH UST students designed an autonomous transport and delivery robot, whose function is to deliver parcels to specified addresses without human assistance. The device comes as a response to the needs of the quickly expanding sector of daily life automation. We note that this is one of the first student designs of this type in Poland.

ADR (Autonomous Delivery Robot) is an electric autonomous robot whose design is based on smart control algorithms. Thus, the device is capable of making the right decisions – like avoiding obstacles – depending on the situational context. This capability is further supported by lidar sensors, which use laser to scan the surrounding environment. This enables the robot to create maps which are automatically recorded in its register. Once the delivery address has been specified, the robot will autonomously determine the optimal route and perform the task accordingly.

The robot can move with the maximum speed of 0.5 m/s and is capable of carrying loads of up to 10 kilograms. It has been equipped with ultrasound sensors as well as  touchscreen for manual control. In addition, the device features a voice command functionality. 

The source of inspiration behind the robot was everyday university life and the willingness to automate parcel deliveries around AGH UST Campus. The possible applications of the device cover a far wider scope as in the future ADR may be used to dispense drugs and meals to hospitalised patients or transport luggage in airport terminals and stations. The autonomous transport robot could be successfully employed as a smart shopping cart in large retails stores or a waiter serving meals during conferences or conventions.

The project was delivered through Rector’s grant scheme by members of INTEGRA Student Society affiliated with AGH UST Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering under the supervision of DSc Marek Długosz – the Society’s adviser. The creators are planning to launch the robot commercially and found a start-up under the name of ARE (AutonomousRobotsEverywhere).