AGH UST students begin construction of off-road electric motorcycle

AGH UST students begin the construction of a light, off-road electric motorcycle. In July 2017, the AGH UST E-moto team will take part in the competition SmartMoto Challenge in Barcelona. They will compete against university teams from all over the world, which will, for example, race on a specially-designed off-road track. 

The most important asset of the motorcycle will be its electric drive. Special batteries and an 8 kW engine, located on the rear wheel, will enable the motorbike to reach the speed of 120 km/h. An additional asset will be a built-in computer, which will display the riding parameters and the battery condition. Moreover, the students are planning to equip the motorcycle with supercapacitors, currently tested at AGH UST, which enable storing energy during the phase of braking.  

The construction work on the single-track vehicle is carried out simultaneously by three special interest groups. The project is coordinated by the Student Special Interest Group of Mechanical Engineers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics. The undertaking is supported by the students of the Special Interest Group Hydrogenium, who are in charge of developing special lithium batteries, and the students of the Special Interest Group Telephoners, who develop a system for the recording of riding parameters.  

As it is emphasised by the project initiators, the motorcycle is supposed to be a solution to the problem of polluted air. The use of an alternative source to supply energy to the engine gives the motorcycle an advantage over vehicles with a combustion engine, also getting rid of the noise that accompanies its operation.