STUDIO Club – the new look

STUDIO Club – the new look, photo by K. Bista, KSAF AGH

Artur Andrus, prof. Tadeusz Słomka and Wojciech Kozak, photo by S. Szkarłat KSAF AGH

Prof. Anna Siwik and Łukasz Jura, photo by S. Szkarłat KSAF AGH

Raz Dwa Trzy, photo by P. Szupiluk, KSAF AGH

Renata Przemyk, photo by K. Stokłosa, KSAF AGH

Con Fuoco Choir and String Orchestra, photo by P. Szupiluk, KSAF AGH

L.U.C. & Rebel Babel Ensemble with AGH UST’s Representative Orchestra, photo by K. Stokłosa, KSAF AGH

Raz Dwa Trzy Band, Renata Przemyk, AGH UST’s Con Fuoco Choir and String Orchestra as well as L.U.C. & Rebel Babel Ensemble featuring AGH UST’s Representative Orchestra performed on 9 February during the official re-opening of the Academic Culture Centre  STUDIO Club.

The grand gala, admirably hosted by Artur Andrus, attracted, among many others, several representatives of Małopolska government, AGH UST authorities, faculty deans, university staff, students as well as numerous patrons and friends of STUDIO Club. The club was symbolically opened by AGH UST’s Rector – Professor Tadeusz Słomka. Following the Rector’s speech, two representatives of the University Council of Student Board – Roland Rychlik and Joanna Wiszowata – came on stage to thank on behalf of the university students.

 When a few years ago the President of ACADEMICA Foundation approached me and mentioned his dream of rebuilding and modernising STUDIO Club – a cult club, who has seen performances by hundreds of great Polish and international artists, a club which has hosted over a thousand artistic events, I realised then that the idea coincided with the conviction I and my team had cherished, that student’s life is not all about studying and that it is important to provide students with good conditions of studying, accommodation as well as inspiring cultural offering. The club was modernised mainly from our own funds – AGH UST, the Campus and ACADEMICA Foundation. The Marshall’s Office contributed to the club’s equipment. The investment is worth PLN 22m and I hope it will serve us well for many years to come – said AGH UST’s Rector.

Other speakers that evening included Deputy Marshall of Małopolska Province – Wojciech Kozak, AGH UST’s Vice-Rector for Student Affairs – Professor Anna Siwik, President of AGH UST’s Students and Alumni Foundation ACADEMICA – Łukasz Jura as well as Jerzy Stożek – the building’s architect and designer and Jarosław Kierkowski of Consbud Audio, the company in charge of electroacoustics. The celebration featured two screenings – one of a time-lapse account of the construction work and a coverage of Synestezje Festival, which has been a flagship event at STUDIO Club for the last few years.

The highlight of the event were concerts by performers whose rise to artistic prominence was closely connected with the Club. The first band to perform in front of the capacity crowd was Raz Dwa Trzy, whose presence was of special importance as the artists performed back in 2004 when the Club opened for the first time and also last year, after the temporary closure of the club due to the renovation work, when they opened the autumn concert season. Then came Renata Przemyk – the artist has been a regular performer at Studio for many years. During the finale, AGH UST’s Con Fuoco Choir and String Orchestra featuring L.U.C.& Rebel Babel Ensemble performed the legendary ‘Janosik’ theme as well as several pieces combining sounds of traditional instruments with modern rap, hip-hop and funk.

The modernisation of STUDIO Club, which started in 2016, aimed to extend and upgrade the facility. The three-storey building with 4000m2 of surface area and 21000m3 of building volume is one of Poland’s largest concert clubs. It can accommodate an audience of over 1500 visitors, including a balcony for over 150 guests  and a special mobile stand  with a capacity of 200 persons. Future plans include the opening of a small brewery.