Enter new AGH UST student: Sophia the humanoid

photo by Witold Woszczyna, KSAF AGH

Sophia the humanoid, who is a special guest at the biggest new technology convention held in Central and Eastern Europe Impact’18, currently hosted in Kraków, has been granted AGH UST student status. Sophie, who has come to Poland for the first time, is the first robot in the world to have received Saudi Arabian citizenship.

Professor Jerzy Lis, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Cooperation, pointed out that:
– This occasion, apart from its symbolic value, is also a message to the world stating that technical sciences – so widely represented and pursued at Kraków-based AGH University of Science and Technology – are ready to face up to the challenges resulting from the developments in AI research.

The Vice-Rector then went on to say that:
– Further exploration of problems related to the implementation of artificial intelligence is a necessity as well as a duty for the university which has – since its very beginning – aimed to respond to the challenges of the future.

AGH UST has been involved in very advanced research focused on the implementations of AI-based solutions. Artificial Intelligence is present in all scientific disciplines pursued at AGH UST, which can be counted in dozens. The problems of implementation of solutions that make use of AI are investigated by computer scientists, programmers, robotic and mechanical engineers. Intelligent control algorithms are also developed by AGH UST students affiliated with many student research associations. The racing car, electric motorcycle, solar boat or planetary lander developed by our students would never have come into existence without the dynamic teams from the automatics and robotics sections.

Impact’18 is the largest new technologies convention of Central and Eastern Europe, held in Kraków already for the third time. This year, Impact’18 has attracted over 6000 visitors, including 250 speakers from 46 countries.