“AGH UST Innovator. Scientific Achievements”

We encourage you to read the latest publication entitled “AGH UST Innovator. Scientific Achievements”, published by the AGH UST Department for Information and Promotion.  

The aim of the series “AGH UST Innovator” is the popularisation of science through the research achievements of the AGH University of Science and Technology. The publication was prepared under the supervision of professor Andrzej Pach, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Science, and the authors of the articles are AGH UST scientists and researchers.  

A wide scope of subjects in the publication is the best evidence of the research potential of our university. The publication presents innovative technologies and devices, which are a result of interdisciplinary projects carried out in the course of the recent years. Among them, we can find the following solutions and inventions: a modular rescue capsule for evacuation, innovative surgical sutures, an automaton for the scarification and visual assessment of oak nuts, deep neural networks for image analysis, new standards of the wireless networks IEEE 802.11, a monitoring system for the multistage gear of the bucket wheel excavator, a separation drain inlet, a technology of producing castings that are ultra-highly resistant to abrasive wear, copper-silver alloys, the optimisation of drilling parameters, low-cost sorbents of sulphur dioxide, a demonstration system for removing mercury from flue gases, the first direct measurement of the range and force of strong interaction between antiprotons, or a new look at phase transitions in austenitic stainless steels.  

“Scientific Achievements” is one of the first publications with the new logo for 100 years of AGH UST, and it will be distributed in the jubilee year. In the near future, an English version of the publication will also be available.