AGH UST and Kraków Airport have entered into a cooperation agreement for a new AGH UST Space Systems initiative

photos by Zbigniew Sulima, AGH

photo from archive of AGH Space Systems Student Research Team

On 13 October 2017 AGH University of Science and Technology signed an agreement with Kraków Airport for a strategic cooperation with AGH UST Space System Student Research Team. Under the agreement, AGH UST students will be able to develop their recent project – Kalman Mars rover – through, among other things, purchase of specialist equipment.

The cooperation agreement states that our students will also share their knowledge at Kraków Airport’s Aviation Education Centre.

 We find it most gratifying to see the AGH Space Systems Team develop. Members of the Team have consistently demonstrated that they have created not only a very active organisation but also some advanced technologies for the space sector. Their activity proves their excellent organisation skills as well as the ability to effectively build positive relations with the academic and business environment, which is best attested by their cooperation with Kraków Airport. We are also happy to see that educational projects are a matter of interest for such important institutions in the region. I am convinced that the agreement signed today will result in our students gaining yet more valuable experience – said professor Anna Siwik, Vice-Rector for Students Affairs, who signed the agreement on behalf of AGH UST.

 Yesterday we launched the Aviation Education Centre and today, we are entering into a cooperation agreement with AGH UST Space System Student Research Team. We are pleased to see such innovative projects as the Mars rover initiative being developed with support of Kraków Airport. Technologies employed in this type of robots may have practical applications also in driverless vehicles and in situations where human life might be put at risk – said Radosław Włoszek, President of Kraków Airport.

AGH Space System is an interdisciplinary design team specializing in the development of technologies for the space industry. The team has been active since 2014 constructing rockets and Mars rovers as well as conducting stratospheric balloon missions.

 We are proud to have started the cooperation with Kraków Airport. What it means for us is a year of intensified efforts on improving Kalman Mars rover. It is a mobile robotic platform whose purpose is to perform a wide range of research operations on the surface of the planet it will be deployed on. The rover has been designed to be able to carry out autonomous missions as well as to assist astronauts in performing specific tasks. The contract we have signed is as much an obligation as a source of new opportunities to look into the sky – said Weronika Mrozińska, President of AGH UST Space Systems team.

Above all, the technology behind Kalman Mars rover enables access to sites and locations too dangerous for manned operations – for example when defusing explosives. The rover has been adapted to operate in difficult terrain. Kalman’s design includes a special drill which, apart from the ground drilling work, can collect samples of ground for further analysis.

Educational development constitutes one of the objectives set out in Kraków Airport’s Social Development Strategy, in the part related to its social commitment.